Metalogix is back to business-as-usual after the MetaVis buy with the announcement this morning of a triple release across its Files and Exchange offerings, as well as new module that protects enterprise brands in social media settings.

The Archive and Files upgrades promise universal mobile access along with enhanced security and compliance features. But the company expects the new social module to be the real crowd pleaser.

To find out more, we talked with Hudson Casson, the company's global director of marketing and product strategy.

Exchange, Archiving

Metalogix CEO Steven Murphy said in a statement that these releases are about managing evolving content. Casson added that the solutions are focused on compliance and the related functions of data retention and e-discovery for email and mobile.

The principal addition with the Exchange release is universal mobile access. Although the classic way of accessing email archiving is through a browser, this allows users to search email directly from their phones.

2015 4 21 Metalogix Archiving Manager.jpg

Many people are bringing their own devices into organizations and remotely accessing the email service or demand server, Casson explained.

The drive for the upgrades in Archive Management came in response to concerns about security and compliance across Office 365. It  focuses on the ability to securely move mail and mailboxes between the cloud and on-premises, which will become increasingly important as hybrid computing becomes more common in the enterprise.

Get Social 

Metalogix is really pushing the social media module. It already supports social media archiving for Skype for Business, Yammer (Group posts, wall posts and comments) and Gmail (outgoing), as well as a number of messaging and search services.

2015 4 21 Metalogix Social Media archiving console.jpg

Social Media Archiving console

The Social Media Archiving Module provides real time monitoring and archiving of social media, instant messaging (IM) and web search engine data to ensure compliance, secure content and reduce social media violation risk.

The module can filter, capture, index and archive employees’ corporate Twitter, Facebook, Yammer or LinkedIn communications. Archived content can be searched, retrieved and reviewed from the main admin console which allows administrators to manage social media usage, IM and email communication.

Metalogix said it has about 7,000 customers for the three products.