Microsoft responded to Cisco's charges against its enterprise collaboration suite, telling CMSWire that it provides the most "complete, integrated set of social, collaboration, and communication technologies" to allow companies to "transform" the way they work.

Cisco directly called out Microsoft last week on the heels of its partnership announcement with Jive. It told CMSWire that with Jive, Cisco "supports complete communication and collaboration, end-to-end." With Microsoft, Cisco added, "you would need to get bolt-on offerings from other vendors in order to approximate this set of integrated capabilities."

Making 'Business Tick'

Asked directly about Cisco's comments, a Microsoft spokesperson said that "with over a billion people using Office around the world, we have unique insights into how people are working today and how the emergence of new trends such as enterprise social and mobility are changing not only how people collaborate, but how they get work done."

social business, Microsoft Defends its Collaboration Suite Against Cisco Charge
Microsoft told CMSWire it goes beyond apps and services by "tapping into the human networks that make a business tick." It touted its capabilities with Office 365 and Yammer, now used, Microsoft claims, by more than 400,000 companies worldwide.

"But we’re also extending the Yammer network effect across Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics and virtually any other app, service, or line-of-business applications that matter to companies," Microsoft's spokesperson added. "This network effect opens a world of greater agility, responsiveness and competitive advantage."

The Redmond, Wash., provider is also extending Yammer’s concept of the Enterprise Graph across Office 365 with the Office Graph.

"When we acquired Yammer, one of the things we loved about the technology was how it mapped the relationships between people and information by simply recording likes, posts, replies, shares and uploads," the spokesperson told CMSWire. "Now we’re extending this idea to Office broadly, using signals from email, social conversations, documents, sites, instant messages, meetings, and more to map the relationships between the people and things that make a business go. We’re combining the power of social, big data and search to deliver transformative personalized experiences only made possible by the strength of the full Office 365 suite."

Microsoft also told CMSWire it just announced the first application to leverage the Office Graph, "Codename Oslo.” Based on a users’ historical perspective, Oslo captures signals across Exchange, SharePoint and Yammer to surface information.

Learning Opportunities

Analyst: Microsoft Has Edge

Cisco made enterprise collaboration noise last week when it announced its partnership with Jive, saying Jive's enterprise collaboration platform and Cisco's real time technologies like WebEx and Jabber will help organizations "drive even deeper and more productive business outcomes across their employees, customers and partners."

social business, Microsoft Defends its Collaboration Suite Against Cisco Charge

"Cisco is one of the most well-respected companies on the planet, with hundreds of thousands of companies leveraging their real-time communication and collaboration offerings," Tony Zingale, CEO and chairman of Jive Software, said in a statement.

We asked enterprise social software analyst Alan Lepofsky about Cisco's charges against Microsoft. The Constellation Research analyst said that with "Microsoft SharePoint, plus Yammer, plus Lync, I don't see what's missing compared to Jive plus Cisco. Microsoft would also have the advantage of Office Web Apps, OneDrive, Outlook and OneNote."