Online training provider Mindflash is going social. Today, the Palo Alto, California-based company announced its first training app for Yammer, the business-oriented social network.

Mindflash said that the new app makes its training easier, more sociable and more accessible for its users. With the app, users can develop, distribute and track online courses and then utilize them within a company’s internal communications.

Topic of Conversation

Mindflash CEO Donna Wells said in a statement that her company is the first to offer training via Yammer, helping it to become “a topic of active conversation.” She added that the app “fully leverages Yammer’s powerful feature set” to make it “more effective and efficient for businesses of any size to create, share and manage training.”

New features in the app for Yammer include the ability to publicize courses through the social network’s news feeds and alerts. Through Yammer, trainees can now share scores and comments, and can start training-related conversations.

The new integration also enables trainers to identify and invite trainees from the Yammer contacts list, and to use Yammer Pages in the creation of catalogs of courses that can found via the network.

mindflash-yammer screenshot - 2.png

Yammer Collaboration

Yammer executives pointed to the collaboration the social network has previously had with Mindflash, including the use of the Mindflash training platform at Yammer since last year for preboarding, onboarding and ongoing training. Yammer has also been selling its Customer Certification courses on the Mindflash Marketplace.

An Le, Yammer Vice President of Business Development, told news media that “both companies are passionate about improving employee collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning.”

Mindflash said that, since its launch in 2010, more than 300,000 courses have been completed by hundreds of thousands of trainees. Its online platform enables the sharing of information and the testing of knowledge and skills, and it now handles a variety of content formats, including Word, PowerPoint, PDF, video and audio.

Once content is uploaded through a dashboard, course creators can add quizzes, publish on the Web, and utilize tools for quiz scoring, tracking, course management and automatic reporting.

The Mindflash app is available from Yammer’s Apps Directory.

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