Over the past few months both HootSuite and Yammer have been making headlines. Today it’s actually for the same thing. HootSuite has added Yammer to its ever-expanding App Directory, allowing users to monitor and reply to their Yammer conversations without leaving the HootSuite dashboard.

Yammer + HootSuite = Knowledge Management

By combining forces, users can access Yammer inside HootSuite’s dashboard, making it easier to view and engage with conversations from their Yammer Main Feed, Inbox and other affiliated Groups. Gone are the days where employees need to jump between tabs. The integration makes it possible for employees to post new updates, add attachments and search content across Yammer networks, without having to launch Yammer in a separate browser tab.


Why, might you ask, is this really necessary? Say, for example, a community manager notices a customer tweet that requires an immediate response, she can easily post to her company’s Yammer feed to gather information so a prompt reply can be delivered to the customer. It might seem trivial, but you’d be surprised how much time it spent clicking forth between tabs (read: The Information Workplace: Do You Have the Right Tools to Be Productive?).

Supporting Productive Employees

Using Yammer within HootSuite allows users to:

  • View Feeds: View your Home, Company, Conversations and Private Messages feeds, in addition to feeds for all Groups you are a member of.
  • Post Updates and Attachments: Post updates with file attachments to your Company and Group feeds.
  • View and Reply to Posts: View likes, replies and attachments for all status updates, then Like and reply to engage with each.
  • Find Content: Search for content in your networks and groups

Ultimately, this is just another way to empower employees to be more productive, discuss ideas, make decisions faster and self-organize into teams to take on any business challenge. As one of the many recent HootSuite updates and integrations, you may think there might not be much left with which to integrate.

So what’s next for HootSuite and Yammer? The current projection seems to indicate that we'll be seeing more collaboration, integration and innovation all in the name of helping social, community and knowledge managers more effective.