Mindjet has been busy. Not only is the company working hard on MindManager, but it also developed a new cloud-based collaboration solution: Mindjet Connect and acquired social task management vendor Cohuman. Guess what? Some of this is free.

Mindjet Connect for Collaboration

Let's start with Mindjet's new cloud-based Collaborative Work Management Solution.  Mindjet Connect is designed to allow you to work not only with people within your organizations, but with partners and customers. With Mindjet's mapping capabilities you can visually create and work on ideas with teams, co-editing in real-time.

Connect can also integrate with third part web services like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, allowing you to add additional information to your maps from outside.


Mindjet Connect

You also get web-based file management, uploading documents and sharing them with members or guests, applying permissions as either read-only or full editing. When you are working on a map you then reference (link to) these documents instead of attaching them into the map directly (of course you can still do that as well). Files can also be organized into folders.


Mindjet Connect - File Management

Like the desktop version, you can turn a map into a full project plan with tasks. Mindjet Connect is compatible with both the desktop app MindManager and with the mobile apps recently released.

The pricing on Mindjet Connect you will like as well. Mindjet has taken on freeium model, offering Mindjet Connect in several versions:

  • Free Version: You get 1GB of space, unlimited sharing of documents and maps with Guests. In the free version, there are no Members, everyone is considered a guest.
  • Business Edition: You get 6GB of space, and more advanced document management capabilities including folders, workflow, check in/out and advanced permissions. Pricing starts at US$ 45 per month for an account with 3 permanent members and unlimited guests.
  • SharePoint Edition: Coming soon, this is Connect integrated tightly into the SharePoint 2010 platform. No pricing or availability date yet, but it will include integration with both SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint in the cloud (Office365).

As an added benefit, because the free edition does work with the iPad/iPhone mobile apps released in June, Mindjet is making those mobile apps free as well.

Social Task Management with Cohuman

The acquisition of Cohuman happened a little while ago, but is officially announced today. Cohuman is a social networking solution that is designed to help you manage projects and associated tasks. You can follow tasks, projects and people or groups. The emphasis is on the management of tasks, so you always know what you have to do, when and can change them/mark them completed as necessary.

It includes a unique task prioritization capability. Cohuman can automatically prioritize your tasks using an algorithm that assess seven to eight factors.


Mindjet Connect - Cohuman

You can get notifications via email and respond back via email, so you don't have open the app to work with it. And it also has a free mobile app.

Right now, Cohuman would run alongside Connect connecting with it in the same way you would another web service. But integration efforts are already underway to integrate it into Connect directly.

Mindjet is carefully positioning itself into a market flooded with collaboration tools. The Mindjet Connect service is clearly designed to support working not only on official "projects", but also other activities that require teams (and not just internal team members).

Mindjet Connect will be available on September 22nd.