Having integrated its various work management products into one service earlier this fall, Mindjet is now releasing a redesigned mobile app. 

The revised app, called Mindjet Tasks, enhances the ability of team managers to control projects and tasks from a mobile device, such as marketing campaigns or product launches. The enhanced iPhone version is available now at Apple’s App Store, and a revised version for Android mobile devices and the iPad will be available before the end of this year.

Mobile Modules

The Mindjet service is designed to help “people work smarter, faster and better” through a visual interface and collaborative environment for idea generation and project/task management. Among other functions, users can share links, notes and documents, and there’s integration with such apps and services as LinkedIn and Microsoft Office.

The company has said that over two million individuals, thousands of small businesses, and 83 of the Fortune 100 companies currently use its service to create ideas, organize and share info, and manage workflow.

Mindjet Chief Marketing Officer Jascha Kaykas-Wolff said in a statement that the redesigned mobile app “does for teams what Clear and Any.Do do for the individual.” Any.Do is a reminder app, and Clear provides to-do lists, for mobile devices.

The updated Mindjet mobile app adds several features, including mobile team and project modules so that a user can manage teams and projects from the mobile device via a mobile hub. Mobile users can share plans, assign priorities and track tasks with a variety of team members, and obtain real-time updates of documents, plans and team members’ comments.

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Mindjet mobile

Auto-Task Prioritization

The app also offers an automatic prioritization of tasks, which Mindjet said is patent pending, and synchronization between the mobile app and both the Web and the desktop incarnations, so team members are kept current regardless of their device. There are also new gestural controls for updating, tracking tasks, commenting and team management.

The September integration combined the San Francisco-based company’s brainstorming/mapping tool Mind Manager, the social task manager Mindjet Connect, and the Mindjet Mobile into a single product that enabled the combined functions under the single brand name Mindjet. New features added in that integration included the ability to auto-calculate project costs, and to customize menus and ribbons so they can reflect a user’s specific work patterns.