Yesterday, Mindjet announced a new cloud-based collaboration solution and a new acquisition. It received lots of attention. Today, Mindjet comes with a news on its desktop solution: MindManager 2012. Does it deserve the same attention?

MindManager 2012 for Windows

The release of MindManager 2012 applies to the professional edition for Windows. According to the company, this is the most significant update to the desktop work management solution in the product's history, so there must be some pretty cool enhancements right? Let's have a look.

New Features in MindManager

Guided Brainstorming: Get some help with generating new, innovative ideas through the use of predefined challenge questions and inspiration cards.


MindManager 2012 - Guided Brainstorming

Analysis View: A new Analysis View lets you prioritize and categorize topics. Some standard charts include Cost vs Opportunity and SWOT. These predefined 2x2 analytics charts can be changed based on team feedback.


MindManager 2012 - Analysis View

Marker Index: Organize your map markers through a new wizard, allowing you to quickly navigate large maps to find priorities, assignments and topics.


MindManager 2012 - Marker Index

More MindManager 2012 Enhancements & Integrations

Along with all of these new features, you also get the following enhancements:

  • Gantt Chart updates: Drag and drop topics onto charts to create tasks, print preview and specific date range printing, task milestones can be filtered and viewed and you can assign multiple hyperlinks to topics.
  • SharePoint integration: Documents and assets stored in SharePoint can be displayed within a MindManager Map.
  • Maps for That: New integration allows you to download, share and comments on these maps.


MindManager 2010 - Project Status

Still not enough? How about tighter integration with Outlook and the ability to port your maps into PowerPoint slides to create great presentations? You can now also launch interactive slide shows directly within MindManager, and update your map content directly in the slide. And for those wanting even more advanced MS Project features, you make updates to your maps by updating the Gantt chart, or vice versa, and resource allocation is highlighted in both the chart and the map

Cross Platform Support

As we pointed out yesterday, Mindjet Connect is Mindjet's new cloud-based solution for collaborative work management. It does connect to MindManager 2012, for those who want to continue to work on their projects outside of the office. And the mobile apps which also connect to MindManager 2012 are now free.

MindManager 2012 is available on September 22. The upgrade price is US$ 129 USD and for new customers it's US$ 399.

So back to our original question -- does MindManager 2012 deserve the same attention as Mindjet Connect? We think it does.