Mobile App of the Week: Employee Engagement with SuMo

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This month at CMSWire, we are diving into the strategies and tools for employee engagement. With that in mind, our first mobile app of the week for March is SuMo sustainability employee engagement app from CloudApps.

Who are CloudApps?

CloudApps, which was founded in 2009, is a company that provides products and services that focus on improving a business’ performancethrough intuitive, social and mobile applications. These apps monitor and manage employee behaviortrends through “game mechanics” (gamification) and help improve collaborative and individual work ethics.

The CloudApps' product suite is centered around three key themes: performance management & reporting, energy & carbon management and employee engagement. In addition to SuMo, which is an employee engagement app, other products and services include sustainability reportingand disclosures software,CSR reporting and Easy Capture Manager, a data management tool.

Sustainable Employee Engagement with SuMo

SuMo which is short for Sustainability Momentum is a extension of the CloudApps Sustainability Performance Management software, as it allows users to connect to their colleagues and the sustainability platform -- even when on the go. The sustainability performance management platform is designed to help a business reach its environmental and sustainability goals in a collaborative format.

Instead of treating sustainability like a mundane task, through the platform and app it’s more of a game. Employees are given challenges, such as “Ride your bike to work once a week for a month,” which once completed the employee is rewarded with a badge. In turn, they can see how their colleagues rank through the leader board, receive new challenges each month, move up to different levels, offer their own sustainable suggestions through the “Our Buzz” feature and see tips through the “Actions” feature.

In addition to connecting colleagues, with the app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, users are able to track their colleagues progress and work on theirchallenges when away from the office.

By working together employees can help each other with ideas and suggest how a business can be more environmentally friendly. In turn, this helps improve engagement by having employees reach a common goal working together to reduce the amount of resources needed (such as improving energy budgets and business travel expenses) and increase employee productivity and morale.

Learning Opportunities


A Sustainable Review

Sustainability is a increasingly important issue as businesses try to be more resourceful and less wasteful. With an app like SuMo, they not only help reach this goal, but help improve employee engagement and collaboration.

Tom Raftery of Enterprise Irregulars found that overall the application was a nice change from other enterprise applications.

A nice touch in SuMo is the ability for employees to add new ideas to the site. These ideas can be voted on by colleagues, commented on and favorited. It’s nice to see a bit of social working its way into these kinds of enterprise apps,” he said. “This will certainly help the app be more engaging and sticky for users.”

Although, Raftery did find that the application needs to expand on what it offers and be more intuitive, for example,by being able to connect to other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter in order to make it worth keeping.

Shane Croucher of the International Business Times spoke with CloudApps’s CEO Peter Grant about the apps release last October. In his article, Croucher spoke highly of the app’s functionality.

Having new rewards each month should help maintain user activity as there is always something tangible to achieve, as well as the competitive nature of the leaderboard inspiring a, hopefully amicable, rivalry between colleagues” he said.