Moxie Brings Together Collaboration with Knowledge Management Creating the Social Knowledgebase

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If there are two things that fit together like a hand in a glove, it's collaboration and knowledge management. That's why Moxie Software's new Social Knowledgebase makes perfect sense.

A Social Knowledgebase

Maybe you have a repository of content you've created to support your clients. It's used for sales, used in the contact center, pretty much anywhere an employee interacts with your customers. Is that knowledgebase hard to keep up to date? Is your updating process separate from everything else? In many cases the answer to both is -- yes.

What if you could tap into all the knowledge stored in your employees heads as they work with customers. What if you could do that using a collaboration tool -- internal crowdsourcing?

That is the gist of Moxie Social Knowledgebase.

Combining Collaboration and Knowledge

Here what Moxie has done. It has created a new solution that combines its Collaboration Spaces solution with its Knowledge Spaces solution. What you are able to do is ask a question inside Collaboration Spaces -- in the Activity Stream for example -- and have a discussion amongst peers sharing ideas, insights, suggestion, etc.. Here you get to take advantage of all the functionality that comes with Collaboration Spaces such as user profiles, expertize finder, activity streams, blogs, wikis, discussions, groups and more.

Once you get all the information/answers you need, you can create a wiki, pulling all this information together in a readable format -- essentially creating a new knowledge base article. A new button in the wiki -- Certify It -- will push the article into the Knowledge Management Console and push it through a workflow process to approve it and make it official.

One point to make is that you can't move an approved article from the knowledge base into the collaboration space and update it. You can bring an article back in and comment or suggest changes, but the article itself can't be updated and pushed back into the Knowledge Base to go through the certification process again.

The Social Knowledgebase is not available through the Standard edition of Collaboration Spaces, only the Business Edition.

Learning Opportunities

Moxie's Views on Going Freemium

The standard edition of Moxie's Collaboration Spaces is a freemium edition -- something it just implemented. I asked Nikhil Govindaraj, VP, Products and Tara Sporrer, VP, Marketing and Sales Operations why Moxie decided to go the freemium route. They told me that the reason many organizations fail at enterprise collaboration is because they aren't thinking through the use cases carefully, or in some cases are using the wrong use case altogether. Offering a freemium edition enables them to work through their real needs and figure out the best way to collaborate.

The belief is that once they get things in hand, they'll see the business processes that need to be connected and the external parties they need to work with and they'll move to the paid edition of the platform. And it's here organizations will get the Social Knowledgebase features.

Moxie believes it has the perfect solution fitting nicely between Yammer -- which has a smaller feature set -- and Jive Software -- which is feature rich, but only offers a free limited time trial period.

It's a smart move, but also seems a risky one for Moxie. Both Yammer and Jive are established in the collaboration market and many people like Yammer for it's limited feature set.  I will say, it's nice to see a free collaboration offering that provides so much functionality and it's definitely worth the time to check it out if you are looking for an enterprise collaboration solution. Even the price of the Business Edition (both of which are available as SaaS services) is reasonable at US$ 3 per user/month.