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Bitrix24, the social intranet that wants to be your Swiss army knife of productivity, is out with a new version that offers activity streams, reporting tools and web phone calls.

Targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the suite includes social communication, collaboration tools, workflow, knowledge management, file sharing, CRM and a project management toolset.

VoxImplant Integration

As Bitrix President Dmitry Valyanov noted in a statement, his company’s suite can help SMBs “replace Yammer, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Dropbox, Basecamp and Skype with a single out-of-box solution" that does it all and costs only about $100 a month. Below a dozen users, the service is free. If there are more than a dozen users, pricing starts at $99 a month.

An update to the CRM component now provides activity streams and reporting tools for leads, managers and invoices. Integration with VoxImplant from Zingaya allows users to make web-based phone call and record them within Bitrix without any additional equipment, software or setup.

The Dropbox-like cloud storage component, Bitrix24.Drive, has been updated to support company and groups files as well as personal ones, and companies on the Professional plan now get 1 terabyte of storage at no additional charge.

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Learning Opportunities

Project Management, Caching

In the Project Management section, each employee can now track time spent on specific tasks. In addition, a new Task counter provides a red flag alert when tasks or projects look like they won’t be completed on time.There’s also integration with Basecamp, Yammer and MailChimp, as well as a new data caching and offline mode so mobile workers can use the intranet even when no Net connection is available. Administrators have the ability to turn off options that are not being used to avoid featuritis and can send pre-made messages to users.

The folks over at Bitrix must not be taking many days off, as the company has been furiously releasing updates since the product's launch in May 2012. This is the fourth major release in 2013, and Valyanov noted  that the improvements are the key reasons the company reached 100,000 company signups and a million total users this fall — three months before its target date.

Title image by Audrius Merfeldas (Shutterstock).