Neudesic Launches Pulse 2.0, Adds Social Capabilities to SharePoint
The Neudesic Pulse team announced the release of Pulse 2.0 this week, adding enhanced SharePoint integration, Groups, and other features we've come to know and love from several microblogging-based platforms. 

Pulse 2.0 Gets Social with it

The new features break down like so:

Pulse Social Tasks

This feature socializes the process of assigning, tracking and managing tasks. By creating a conversation around a task, users can make project management more collaborative and effective. 

Deeper integration with SharePoint

Like most social business platforms, Pulse brings conversations into the workflow by allowing users to follow and comment on documents, and receive notifications when changes take place. The Pulse Unified Activity Stream, a social conversation that takes place in Dynamics CRM, Office 365 or any business system, takes things a step further by surfacing in SharePoint. And with the Pulse Unified Social Embed feature, those same conversations can reside in any other enterprise application as well.

Pulse Groups

Pulse users may now create internal groups for work with other users in their enterprise, or create external groups to securely collaborate with customers and partners using Pulse Bridge (the company's last major update).Groups, which can utilize custom e-mail addresses, enables the sharing of files and links, as well as the assignment of tasks. 

UI Enhancements

Finally, Pulse version 2.0 offers more than 100 interface enhancements, including what Nuedesic is calling "a significantly streamlined navigation and search experience."

Check out this video action: 

Learning Opportunities

"We see businesses everywhere looking for more efficient and better ways to be productive and connect with each other and with customers," said Neudesic CEO Parsa Rohani. "Neudesic Pulse 2.0 addresses these needs and fundamentally enhances the way an enterprise operates. Companies with hundreds or thousands of employees across distributed teams suddenly become more connected and tightly integrated."

A Familiar Story

While the Pulse updates are certainly welcome, they're not particularly innovative. In fact, Yammer, a popular competitor, released three business integration tools earlier this year with similar -- if not identical -- functionality: Activity Stream & Activity Stream API, Yammer Embed and Enterprise Extensions to the Open Graph Protocol. 

It's not exactly an apples to apples comparison, but it's getting there. 

As these platforms become more and more like each other, who will stand out and why? What will be the determining factor? Let us know what you think in the comments below.