Trying to help make reports of the death of email premature, collaborative work platform provider Podio is today unveiling a new feature that connects a user’s email inbox to their workflow. Called Email to Workspace, the feature enables users to send an email from their email inbox to Podio as a task, status update (to the activity stream) or as a new project in an existing Podio app.

Making the Email Connection

As a result of this new feature, every workspace and app in Podio now allows users to automatically add a special email address to your email address book. Thus when a Podio user receives an email they want to turn into a status update or task in that workspace, or a new project, milestone or deliverable, they can do that directly from their inbox, no matter what device they’re using.

Citrix Extends Podio’s Reach

Collaboration technology provider Citrix purchased three-year-old Podio in April of this year with the aim of integrating the platform into its GoTo cloud services portfolio. In July, Citrix made its first major effort at extending the reach of Podio by rolling out two new platform integrations with Outlook Exchange Calendar and Google Calendar. 

The Outlook Exchange and Google integrations allow Podio users and teams to connect their external calendars with their project management and collaboration apps in Podio. Citrix intends this functionality to make it easier for users to keep track of all their Podio projects, deadlines, meetings and events, including any Citrix GoToMeeting details.

Since the purchase, Citrix has also integrated Podio with YouSendIt, the content collaboration company that enables organizations to securely share content, sign documents and access files from any mobile device or desktop. Building on another recent integration with ShareFile, as a result of this June integration Podio now offers file sharing and storage services for ShareFile, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Google Docs and now, YouSendIt. 

Podio Tries Enhancing Its Easy Reputation

Podio has developed something of an “easy” reputation, but not in a bad way. A recent posting on the Lifehacker site credits Podio for making “managing your projects a little less like slogging through pages of updates, and more like updating Facebook.” Lifehacker also praises Podio for its flexibility and applicability to small projects. If Podio can breathe some life into email by making it more integrated into project workflows, that would further boost its reputation for making life easy.