Read it Later, the popular iOS and Android app that saves content for when you're ready to view it, has changed its name to Pocket and simplified organizing and tagging items. Pocket is a free app, and anything saved can be viewed from other devices for super-convenient access to things you run into during the day, but simply have to put off until, er, later.

Pocket app was Read it Later.jpg

New UI and added bulk editing rollout with the Pocket app, formerly known as Read it Later.

Already one of the most downloaded apps from iTunes and Google Play, Read it Later users might find some new useful features, but miss things like re-sizable fonts and the dark theme. Additionally, people who had been using the paid pro version of Read it Later might feel a bit left out, but the Read it Later team will likely address that once any bugs are fixed. Another potential problem for Android users; there's already a Pocket app in the Google Play store. The Read it Later team has officially listed the Android version as Pocket -formerly Read it Later.

New Look, Added Features

Besides the new name and new bulk editing option, the whole style of the app is changed, and is more polished. The redesigned interface has fewer toolbars, and Pocket now automatically filters new content between videos, images and articles. Some Android users have also complained about the seemingly too wide margins, but the Read it Later team could address that sooner than later as well.

With 4.5 million users, the Read it Later team are likely aiming the refreshed look at the even more popular Instapaper app. The difference is Instapaper is only on iOS, and it doesn't save videos. Pocket users are saving and sharing videos at an ever increasing rate, and as mobile devices get faster and more powerful, that trend should continue. One other advantage of Pocket over other bookmarking apps is the content can be made available offline.

This is a great feature for tablet users especially because most rely on Wi-Fi instead of an internet or cellular connection. There's no word yet on if the app will be optimized for the new iPad's HD display, but the Apple version is only compatible with iOS version 5 or higher. The Android version requires version 2.2 or higher. Pocket also is available in the Amazon Appstore, and works in the Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers.

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