Salesforce Chatter Mobile App Adds Customer Record Editing

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Salesforce Chatter Mobile App Adds Customer Record Editing
Allowing workers to take their business tools along with them when they leave the office has long been the goal of many enterprise apps, and Salesforce has added a customer record editing feature to its Chatter app that surges ahead on this point.

Key Workflow Process Finally Arrives

With each version of Chatter Mobile, Salesforce has come closer to having the nearly full breadth of its CRM system available to mobile users. Now with version four, Chatter Mobile will include the ability to edit and update account and sales information from within the app.

Up until now, those kinds of customer records were only viewable via mobile devices, and now they can be edited so more real time data can be shared back and forth across teams. This is important because it makes the apps more useful to those in the field, and it allows team members to stay up to date on critical customer data that is the backbone of a CRM system.

Custom Actions + Dashboards

Salesforce has been rolling out its Chatter updates all through 2013, and this update moves Chatter up a notch on the productivity scale. As with other mobile collaboration apps, it gives users a way to keep up to date on projects, assign tasks, leave comments and view documents.

What makes Chatter different from other apps of its kind, however, is that it's part of the Salesforce suite of tools that integrate pretty smoothly. Having access to CRM data from within Chatter, and the ability to edit it, adds a whole other level to how useful that app is. Users don't have to leave the Chatter app, and launch another app or browser to accomplish a particular task.

Learning Opportunities

In Chatter V4, other updates include the abiltiy to view analytics dashboards and the ability to take what Salesforce calls custom actions. This is a way to extend the app's toolkit so companies can add their own features based on what kind of business they are or what they need done. Organizations can add a way to submit invoices or file a support ticket, for example.

Chatter v4 releases on July 29 for iOS devices, and the Android version is said to be forthcoming during the fourth quarter of 2012. No date is given for that, but we do know the Dreamforce annual conference is in mid November in 2013, so perhaps it will be here by then.