The SharePoint Marketplace has launched SP HR, a new application tool for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

SharePoint (SP) Marketplace was initially introduced in 2011 and offers a set of tools -- such as SP CRM and the SP Intranet Portal -- aimed at improving usability in SharePoint and Office 365.

What is SP HR?

The SP HR application is designed to turn SharePoint into a human resources tool so that management teams can keep of track of employee records, such as hiring and termination records, time off requests and performance reviews. For Office 365 users it offers cost-effective SMB solutions for 365 products for companies working on a budget.

Some key features of the SP HR application include:

  • A My Activities Page to monitor and key track important tasks.
  • Department discussion forums to improve employee collaboration.
  • A turn-key HR portal.
  • The ability to integrate with SP Intranet’s Portal Employee Service application.
  • A news feed function to track news, information and company announcements.
  • Compatibility with all versions of SharePoint and an option to deploy the product through Office 365.
  • Easily accessible from all devices, including laptops, desktop computers, mobile and tablet devices.


The Cost of SP HR

There are three options for those who wish to buy SP HR for their company. 

  • Office 365 monthly subscription: As part of the Office subscription, SP HR is US$ 25 a month, per user. This option is for use in a single site with one user a month.
  • Perpetual License: Under the perpetual license option, HR can be used on one site with unlimited users for a one time free of US$ 1495.
  • SP Business Suite: The business suite is available under the perpetual license option. Users not only have access to SP HP, but other products like SP CRM. In addition to offering a deployment service, SP HR can be used on one site, with unlimited users. The entire package is available for US$ 7495.

As these options are a bit pricey, The SharePoint Marketplace also has a refund policy.

SharePoint and 365 in the News

The launch of SP HR isn't the only news surrounding SharePoint and Office 365. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that the long awaited SharePoint 2013 is expected to be released early next year, while Office 365 was released in 2011. Tools from external companies have been developed to enhance the usability of both products. Most recently, Semantic Search announced their Semaphore platform could be integrated with both earlier versions of SharePoint, as well as the 2013 version and Office 365.