Collaboration software provider Slack launched some new features this week that target companies with growing teams.

The San Francisco-based provider is betting on these teams needing help with single sign-on, compliance exports, a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee and 24/7 premium support. It's called a Plus plan, a new option priced at $12.50 per user per month.

"Slack puts all your team communication in one place and integrates with the tools you need to get your job done," a Slack spokesperson told CMSWire. '"They offer a better, more seamless experience than anyone else."

Security Addressed

The companies that will benefit from the Plus plan have specific team management, security and/or compliance requirements, according to Slack officials. These are often larger organizations, they said.


Before today there were two options with Slack: Lite, which was free and had some restrictions, and Standard. 

Learning Opportunities

What business problem is the Plus plan going to solve, we asked?

Plus plan addresses specific team management and security requirements such as single sign-on and regulatory compliance requirements, which was not offered before.

As for the 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, this is something that a lot of enterprise customers ask for, Slack officials told us. The company's site boasts an enterprise offering in the works scheduled for release in late 2015.

Inside New Features

  • Single sign-on: Slack can now be integrated with outside identity providers including OneLogin, Okta and Bitium
  • Compliance exports: The feature is designed specifically for larger organizations who have compliance or workplace regulation around communication. Custom message retention settings provide options that allow companies to keep as much or as little of their message history as they want. 
  • Uptime guarantee: Slack is available to teams around the clock with a guaranteed 99.99 percent uptime and a service level agreement (SLA).
  • Premium support: Plus plan guarantees a response time in four hours or less

The number of teams using Slack has tripled over the last five months, according to company officials. They said 45,000 teams and 365,000 professionals use Slack. Customers include New York Times, Comcast, Adobe, AirBnb, Buzzfeed and Stripe.