Smartsheet Gets Smarter With Box Integration

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Smartsheet Gets Smarter With Box Integration
The Smartsheet project management tool now integrates with Box, the popular content sharing and collaboration service.

Smart Integration

Smartsheet lets users set up projects and track progress, facilitates project collaboration and generates project status reports. In a recent blog post, Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader describes the integration with Box as the perfect marriage for collaboration.

Smartsheet users can leverage the web-based project management tool in a new way by working with documents or folders in Box and linking them to Smartsheet. The announcement explains:

All changes made to the document in Box are instantly available in Smartsheet, without the need to upload new versions. With a single mouse click, Smartsheet users can then share those files further using Smartsheet’s project sharing and row sending capabilities."

Mader's blog post provides examples of using Box with Smartsheet, including sales/marketing collateral creation and review, and client projects collaboration and communication.

He also sees this integration and expanded functionality as competing with SharePoint functionality and closes his post with, "Game-changer? Absolutely. Game-on SharePoint."

Learning Opportunities

Box Gets Boxier

Box has been busy the past few months with a new developer network rollout, enhancements, new apps and integrations. Last month, RP Post released an app for Box to make it easier to trace and follow email content, and catch and retain legal content in the emails.

The company also announced real-time updates last month, which provides a small message that appears on the bottom-right corner of the page to tell users when colleagues upload or download, comment on, edit or delete a document.

Back in December 2011, Box announced three security-focused features: smart shared links, trusted access management and the option for IT admins to have their linked Active Directory (AD) groups populated within Box.