Social Business Advice from the Experts: Activity Feeds are an Enterprise Train Wreck

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Since Halloween was Monday, we've a little treat for you all this week: An extra roll-up of expert Social Business advice with a SharePoint cherry on top. Read on to learn why activity feeds are mucking everything up, the right way to build community and nurture relationships, and the art of SharePoint governance. 

Brand Advocates: Tips to Build Community & Nurture Relationships 

Maria Ogneva (@themaria): It’s time to face the facts: your brand is no longer a simplistic 2-dimensional depiction of what you say it is. Of course, you want to be deliberate with your messaging — but that’s just one dimension. You can have the most polished brand messaging and customer case studies, but if your customers’ experiences diverge significantly, it will affect perception. This divergence is sure to come to light via social channels. Vendor-made claims are now verified by prospects against feedback of existing customers, and stellar user experience can catapult a little-known brand into the social media hall of fame.

However, it’s not as simple as providing a great experience and watching the tweets roll in. There are some steps in between, and those steps mark the difference between several happy customers and a true brand advocacy. What happens next is magic, if you do it right. Do you know who your champions are, where they are and what they are saying? Do you know how to notice the first signs of advocacy, extend the relationship and create a champion for life? Your relationship with each advocate is going to be different, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Nevertheless, here are some tips.

Activity Feeds: Train Wreck in the Enterprise!

Kevin Conroy (@seattlerooster): There is a very real threat to the ideals of social business/social enterprise applications and it’s called the activity feed. Yes, you read this correctly. Activity feeds have been lauded by many for bringing interactivity and improved internal communication to the enterprise, but if they’re not managed correctly, activity feeds can very easily become a train wreck in the enterprise. What do I mean?

Learning Opportunities

A Different Perspective on Netflix: Your Content Strategy Sucks

Stephen Fishman (@trivoca): There has been a lot of press over the last month or so on Netflix’s pricing and product missteps. Starting with the 60% price increase and the subsequent user revolt,closely followed by a mea-culpa by Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, which in the 10th paragraph introduced the world to the Qwikster spinoff that lasted less than 3 weeks before the culmination of which was a full retreat from the product split.

Information Security Study Shows Increased Risk, Insufficient Spending

The latest report from PwC, conducted with CIO and CSO Magazines, points to some interesting trends in international information security. The global study drew its respondents from 138 countries, indicating the common threats, improvements and concerns facing industries worldwide.

The Art Of SharePoint Success: Governance -- How to Do It

Symon Garfield (@symon_garfield): This is the fourth article in a series discussing my Art Of SharePoint Success framework which consists of four key elements: Governance, Strategy, Architecture and Transition. Last month I began to explore the murky, misunderstood, often debated subject of SharePoint Governance by giving my view on what it is, and what it isn’t. This month I’ll be wrapping the Governance discussion by looking at how you actually do it.

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