Socialtext 5.0 Improves Content Management, Adds People Discovery
Socialtext 5.0, the latest iteration of the enterprise social software platform, brings an improved interface design, new features, and a partnership with introNetworks to the table. Further, the addition of a tool called SocialRadar enables users to identify the most relevant people to connect with. 

Socialtext 5.0

The highlights of version 5.0 breakdown like this: 

  • Content Editor: Provides capabilities to create and edit content, including blogs, wikis, activities, etc.
  • Theme Selector: Enables administrative users to quickly customize and brand their environment.
  • Page Creator and Page Tracker: Simplifies the creation of new pages and automates the tracking of page updates.

The new editor also adds better control over fonts, font colors, and provides other formatting capabilities typical in a traditional word processor.

"This release sees a complete overhaul of the user interface, introduces a world-class rich text editor and a barrel-load of other features that make Socialtext more accessible, social and successful than ever before" writes Sarah Dulak on the company's blog announcement. 


In addition to the platform upgrades, Socialtext has announced a partnership with introNetworks which has enabled the release of  SocialRadar. The visual matching engine allows users to identify the most relevant colleagues in their network to connect and collaborate with.

"The marriage with the Socialtext 5.0 platform and the SocialRadar application will offer users a much enhanced experience to find the most relevant people to connect and collaborate with," said introNetworks CEO, Mark Sylvester."

The add makes perfect sense. As social business is becoming more popular with every passing day, finding the right people to collaborate with is a crucial component in the effectiveness of such work.