Survey: The Current and Future State of the Workplace

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Survey: The Current and Future State of the Workplace

With new technology constantly being added to the workplace environment, it's not always easy to know how well these changes are working. This is something that Chess Media aims to find out in an employee collaboration and work style solutions Future of Work Survey.

The Modern Digital Workplace

The survey, “Collaboration and Workstyle Solutions of Today and For Tomorrow” is designed to look at how employees collaborate and what kind of technology solutions companies offer, such file sharing or telecommunication options, to make enterprise collaboration easier.

Survey creator, Chess Media found that employees work together to solve problems, make decisions, create new revenue streams, to reduce or avoid costs, and to bring solutions to the market more quickly. At the same time, the workplace as we knew it is changing. Employees aren't chained to a cubicle or desk, they are on the go, working from just about anywhere. One common solution to the work anywhere need is to give employees access to cloud based technology so they can access files and other documents at anytime, from any device. These observations are a general overview of what the workplace currently looks like, but every organization is different in some way.

How is the Workplace Fairing?

The survey will ask questions such as “Are employees using collaboration tools and technologies to collaborate?” and “What is the status quo of new workstyle solutions like BYOD, mobility and workshifting?”

Learning Opportunities

Through the survey, Chess Media aims to define more precise definition of enterprise collaboration and understand the use of workstyle solutions in a company, such as field enablement and BYOD. The survey also attempts to understand how employees work today versuswhat they may want, and what they are expecting from it within the nextfew years. And of course, all this data is expected to help educate C-level executives as they design and implement work strategies.

The survey is conducted online and is open to any employee within an organization. Results will be categorized by job level and function providing different views of the modern workplace. Responses are then separated into five different categories:

  1. Respondent demographics
  2. The state of collaboration and workstyle solutions in the workplace
  3. Motivations and expectations of employees towards collaboration and workstyle solutions
  4. The benefits of and risk of these solutions
  5. Looking toward the the future of workplace.

The survey started in April and runs until the end of this month. Results are expected in June. You can complete the survey here.

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