Telerik Upgrades TeamPulse, Announces Training
With "waterfall" crawling toward an assisted living home for cast-off project management methodologies, Telerik continues to back its bet on the latest SDLC sweetheart -- Agile.

As more companies implement agile methodologies in their IT and software development shops, Telerik (news, site) continues to upgrade its dedicated solution for agile project management -- TeamPulse.

With the latest version of TeamPulse, Telerik intends to help those organizations that have taken the agile leap be more productive through improved communication. And, as anyone who has experience with an agile software development lifecycle knows, communication is vital.


The most important new feature in TeamPulse is the ability to manage the inevitable backlog of scope items that accumulate during a given sprint. With the backlog management module, teams are given one interface to view and plan all work items. Within the backlog view, users can prioritize items using drag-and-drop functionality.

Along with backlog management, TeamPulse now offers support for email notifications. I can hear your collective groan when you think of "even more email" but it's not the end of the world. Instead of having to refresh the same view nineteen times a day waiting for a change in status, wouldn't it be better to set up an email alert and then go on with your workday?

The new version of TeamPulse also adds the following functionality:

  • Data Views: Designed to surface critical information faster and for the correct audience, these customizable data views provide sorting, filtering and the ability to assign public and private viewing rights.
  • Tagging: Yes, this is the same concept of tagging that you are familiar with. Only now, project teams can develop an internal set of tags to help enable collaboration and information management.
  • Commenting: TeamPulse added email notifications above and also adds commenting to help cut down on email overload. Why do you need a ridiculous email chain when you can comment directly on a work item?

TeamPulse Feedback Portal

Along with updates to the core TeamPulse product, Telerik now offers the TeamPulse Feedback Portal designed to open the TeamPulse platform to users who don't need an individual software license.

For example, a product SME or key stakeholder may want to comment or provide feedback on a given work item, but they don't need a full-blown install of TeamPulse. These users can now go through the Feedback Portal to add their contributions to the project, including the ability to vote on the priorities of work items.

Alongside the new version of TeamPulse and the Feedback Portal, Telerik now offers e-learning and training services. The training ranges from "QuickStart" sessions to a four-day agile immersion program.

Without getting into a holy war of "pure agile" vs "waterfall" vs "iterative" vs the buzzword du jour, I think we can all agree that a solid toolset can only help you be successful regardless of your chosen methodology.

Is your team or organization using TeamPulse? if so, drop us a comment below and share your experiences.