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For companies looking to leverage their employees ideas, Telligent has a solution: Ideation and Innovation Management. The latest solution offering released this week through its social community software is called InnovationCast, designed to construct ideas and see them through to fruition. It's the great tree of life gone virtual.

Building A Better Workplace from the Inside

With a focus on the enterprise social sphere, social business, and workforce collaboration software, Telligent is designed to help companies create social communities for their employees, customers and partners. This week brings the arrival of a new product called InnovationCast, created for Ideation and Innovation Management. This new solution helps businesses build a more tech-savvy team environment, and comes at a time when companies understand the need for better processes, but haven’t yet grasped a mature approach.

InnovationCast is actually a solution built by business solutions provider (and Telligent partner), weListen, working in partnership with Mota-Engil, a company committed to innovation, and Telligent. It is built on the Telligent platform, so you know it's tightly integrated into the community software.


Telligent InnovationCast

Notes Telligent, a recent Boston Consulting Senior Executive Innovation Survey found that approximately three-fourths of survey respondents stated that innovation is one of their company’s top three priorities. Through InnovationCast and its enhancements, Telligent customers are able to conquer the entire cycle, from the start of idea to full execution, including production of social media applications and structures, implementation of business values, and addition of management tools to preserve upkeep.

The new software comes in two stages: InnovationCast Ideation and InnovationCast Suite. The first enables an organization’s team to strategically construct ideas for their enterprise and determine the best means for social engagement within internal structures. The secondtakes what foundation has been laid in Ideation, and helps to build upon it with further projects and opportunities, fostering ideas into action. Think of it like: plant the seed in Ideation; water and fertilize in Suite.

Rob Howard, Telligent Founder and Chief Technology Officer, says,

Organizations require end-to-end tools to enable them to harness collaborative ideation and innovation with customers, partners and employees. Built on top of Telligent’s enterprise social collaboration platform, InnovationCast leverages the social collaboration platform to help organizations take advantage of this untapped customer and employee knowledge and enable them to sell more products or reduce expenses."

Along with the new additions, both packages are equipped with InnovationCast Analytics and Rewards & Recognition to help monitor and evaluate results.

Learning Opportunities


InnovationCast Reports

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2012: The Year of Telligent?

Telligent’s goals with InnovationCast, as well as its other programs, are to assist companies in successfully orchestrating social media into their day-to-day affairs. Through positive outcomes, it additionally aims to help organizations “reduce costs in R&D by leveraging networked resources,” and measure return.

Last year, the development firm made great leaps to extend it social business work through the acquisition of Leverage Media, considered a big move for the group. As we predicted, Telligent looks to focus on user experience, mobile and cloud services this year, and with such advanced products as InnovationCast, the momentum continues.