Social collaboration specialist Telligent has updated its Enterprise and Analytics offerings, adding instant messaging to the Enterprise social layer and social insights to its Analytics package.

Telligent Enterprise 4.5

Working in teams, especially when those teams are spread out geographically or across departments, means repeatedly sharing and finding information. Time and again, workers spend hours simply tracking down experts, documents, source files and coworkers over email or whatever collaboration software their company uses.

Because there are so many variables in this field, no one vendor has broken through with a one size fits all approach, but the leaders in the social collaboration sector have indeed been working on a unified solution. Telligent offers its Enterprise collaboration suite, and Enterprise version 4.5 offers the addition of instant messaging, real time alerts and the ability to crowdsource ideas.

Instant messaging is now live in the Message Center, and it works for one on one conversations or with group chats. Additionally, real time alerts were added for updates on support issues, service requests and sales opportunities, for example.

The crowdsourcing tool includes the ability to invite coworkers to share ideas, respond to challenges and vote on the best options.

Learning Opportunities


Telligent's Enterprise 4.5 Challenges feature in action.

Telligent Analytics 4.0

What good is sharing ideas and content across departments, with external partners and with customers if it can't be measured and thoroughly examined? That's where Telligent Analytics comes in, and as the analytics layer to Enterprise (and Telligent Community), it features updates like social insights, content and people recommendations, expert identification and configurable reports.

Social insights are analytics for community health, vitality, responsiveness, participation and more that can be seen from the homepage, through dashboards or within groups of interest. Insights can be viewed right away without having to navigate away from whatever is being worked on.

Need to find an expert? Analytics provides recommendations for content and people based on criteria such as similar interests. Both Telligent Enterprise 4.5 and Analytics 4.0 are available now, but pricing is only available on request.