This month we're talking about the company intranet -- its history, its culture, its future. Intranets have always been about enterprise collaboration, but now that they've evolved into platforms for enterprise social networking. The success of an intranet is not just determined by what it offers, but how employees use it. What better way to understand the tools and trends driving today's social intranet than with an original infographic?

The Social Intranet: Having versus Using the Right Tools

It's clear that more social business tools have been integrated into today's company intranet, but there is a big difference between having the right tools and actually using the right tools. At present, lots of companies have lots of cool social functionality built in, but overall, the percentage of employees actively engaging with them is still low.

Furthermore, thanks to virtual workforces, declining budgets and the proliferation of devices, there are many more challenges to creating a valuable company intranet.


Learning Opportunities

The intranet is a platform that should be just as focused on delivering relevant user experiences as the company website. Yet, when it comes to designing user interfaces that accommodate user behaviors across mobile, social and desktop many organizations are taking steps backward -- only time will tell how much employee usage will suffer as a result.

Discouraged or Empowered?

Don't let infographics like this one get you down. Instead use it as an opportunity to learn from others' mistakes to empower your intranet users. Stay tuned for a month full of best practices, insights and analysis about how to evolve your company intranet, increase enterprise collaboration and improve internal communications.