Social Intranet maker ThoughtFarmer is at it again. Just four months after introducing its cloud edition upgrade to v.4.5, that came on the heels of its v.4.0 upgrade last November, the company has introduced significant improvements to mobile capabilities with the launch of ThoughtFarmer 5.0.  

The Intranet in Your Pants

Chris McGrath, founder of the company promises it’s not just a simple port of the browser, but code “designed from scratch” that works on most Smartphones including Android, iOS and Blackberry devices, so now the social intranet fits in your pants.

Mobile-specific features include:

  • Plain-text comment entry at the bottom of every page
  • Photo albums that support touch gestures
  • Search-as-you-type employee directory
  • User profiles integrated with device's phone and maps
  • Home screen that focuses on key tasks
  • Support for the iPad
  • Mobile screenshots on Flickr

For the company, mobile is so hot, it’s becoming a “must-have” that goes well beyond a simple port. Darren Gibbons, ThoughtFarmer Co-Founder and CEO, said, “If your intranet isn't available from their mobile device, that's a huge barrier to usage and adoption.”  

ThoughtFarmer Integration Kit (TIK)

Along with the mobile web app, ThoughtFarmer is releasing version 5.0 of its software, which includes the ThoughtFarmer Integration Kit (TIK), with improved APIs and new ways to extend functionality, according to the McGrath Blog today. The TIK offers the ability to:

  • Move information into and out of ThoughtFarmer, using the REST API
  • Create pages, export content, sync customer profile information with external HR systems
  • Enhance ThoughtFarmer with new functionality by embedding your code into page templates
  • Create dashboards showing content from external systems, like Zendesk or JIRA
  • Provide single-sign on to services that provide a remote authentication API

One example McGrath gave was the ability to integrate ThoughtFarmer with Zendesk to allow your users one-click single sign-on to your help desk. He also said the REST API is accessible by any language that supports HTTP and XML or JSON content. Embedding code in ThoughtFarmer is done with C#. “We recommend Platinum support for customers building solutions using the TIK,” McGrath said. “Our Professional Services team is also available for consulting on your ideas.”  

Other new features of v.5.0 include page "Likes" that influence search results, and a host of other tweaks and improvements, and a “beta feature” offering content creation and editing support for iOS 5 (in the full version.) The ThoughtFarmer Mobile edition is included for free with ThoughtFarmer 5.0 upgrade.