Enterprise middleware vendor Tibco has partnered with Amazon AWS and The Netherlands based KPN for the cloud launch of its tibbr social network.

Touted by Forrester as one of the top enterprise social activity streams, tibbr is now available in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, the app store for deploying AWS based apps. By offering tibbr in the cloud, Tibco can offer a scaleable version of its social network for those who prefer to use it in a pay as you go configuration.

Tibbr 4 in the Cloud

Tibco is offering version 4 of the popular tibbr system, and it's available in four different
configurations on AWS
based on the number of users needed. Pricing then goes by how much compute power is needed, of course, and customers can choose from 25, 50, 100 and 200 user versions.

Tibbr 4 was released last fall, and the latest version features the ability for people to fully customize their profile. It connects people to the rest of a company through subjects, and these can be anything from projects to documents to people. That way, any information that might be needed for a particular task could be just one click away.

There's also a tibbr apps market for connecting to other systems like Box, Evernote and LinkedIn, for example. Tibbr also includes native apps for iOS, BlackBerry and Android.

Follow the people, data and projects that are most important and filter out the noise with tibbr 4.

Yammer + Salesforce Not in AWS Marketplace

While Tibco gets added exposure for its growing social network via the Amazon partnership, Amazon also gets to tackle another segment of the enterprise. Already a hit with companies the world over, AWS and the EC2 compute engine can offer companies like Tibco the opportunity to branch out into new markets.

As social networks in general become more mainstream, the activity stream favored by most will only become more accepted, and that layout will be the default for many a company's internal communications systems. The success of systems like Microsoft Yammer and Salesforce Chatter also portend well for the tibbrs of the world.