In the world of social software integration, officials at TIBCO Software Inc. say it’s a neutral country.

"We’ve always been seen as the Switzerland of technology,” Leandro Perez, director of product marketing at Palo Alto-based TIBCO, told CMSWire.

Why? Because officials at TIBCO are confident their platform integrates with any other.

And their latest integration comes with SharePoint, whose users can leverage TIBCO’s tibbr plug-in social software collaboration platform directly within SharePoint. TIBCO officials also announced integration with Microsoft Outlook software.

“Users of SharePoint use it as a document repository,” said Srini Vennakota, director of product management at TIBCO. “And it’s very important to be able to navigate those documents and be able to share comments and see context behind those documents.”

No Forced Deployments

Users with the tibbr integration can see those comments via the tibbr platform, add new comments and share it all on tibbr. TIBCO officials told CMSWire its SharePoint integration is managed on premises and in the cloud.

social business, TIBCO's tibbr Integrates with SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook

Features through the SharePoint integration include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Richer employee profiles
  • Intuitive and personalized news feed
  • Embedded collaboration for team sites
  • Improved document-based sharing and commenting
  • Immediate mobile access for users

Through the Microsoft Outlook integration, TIBCO officials say users can participate in tibbr conversations and drag and drop emails directly into tibbr.

“We have no problem connecting different pieces of software and pulling those pieces together,” Perez said. “We can be embedded into those tools and not be competitive to their core strength.”

Hot Tool

TIBCO is coming off a hot streak with its enterprise social collaboration platform. It was cited as a leader in Forrester’s Wave for Enterprise Social Platforms, the first time Forrester released such a Wave in three years. 

Other leaders were: IBM Connections, Salesforce Chatter and Communities, Microsoft Office 365 and Zimbra Communities.

According to Forrester, TIBCO's always had solid activity-stream capability, but it beefed up with its partnership with Huddle. TIBCO added file storage and sharing and task management.

The file-sharing functionality integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Huddle and SharePoint, so that files in any of those repositories can be searched and used within tibbr, according to a user’s access rights. Conversations, decisions and contributors for each file are also viewable within the social network.