Together, Jive & Actiance Keep Social Business Compliant
Adhering to electronic communications laws in the realm of social business can be tricky. Hoping to ease the process, Jive has partnered with Actiance, a company bent on improving the security, management and compliance of unified communications. 

The boom of communication and personal device usage in the work place has made corporate surveillance an even touchier subject that it was before, and finding a balance has been a struggle.

Today, industries like financial and government institutions require email, instant message and social business records by law, and failing to provide them can get pretty expensive. According to Sarah Carter, Actiance’s vice president of marketing, over US$ 60 million in fines are outstanding because companies fail to meet electronic communication laws.

Jive has been quick to respond to this change by partnering with Actiance. As a result, the communications that occur within Jive are properly recorded and reported based on applicable laws. Moreover, those with restricted access to certain areas of the business can now freely interact with all employees through the company's social business software.

Here's the gist in Jive's words:

Actiance enables the safe and productive use of Unified Communications, collaboration and Web 2.0, including blogs and social networking sites. Formerly FaceTime Communications, Actiance’s award-winning platforms are used by 9 of the top 10 US banks and more than 1600 organizations globally for the security, management and compliance of unified communications, Web 2.0 and social media channels. Actiance supports all leading social networks, unified communications providers and IM platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter AOL, Google, Yahoo!, Skype, Microsoft, IBM and Cisco.

“It’s liberating,” said Jive senior vice president of business development, Chris Morace. “It’s a much more open, visible way of communicating.”

Set it and Forget it

Actiance's app is tied close enough to Jive's that the end consumer doesn’t have to think twice (or even once) about extending compliance practices. Communications are archived in the background without any extra action from any user, or even their knowledge.  

And I guess when you put it that way, it can come off as mildly creepy. Necessary, but creepy. For now, Jive and Actiance are keeping the service optional, which is handy for those that don't work in an industry under these regulations. It will come at at an additional cost, however, and Jive has yet to release those pricing details just yet. 

Whatever those numbers are, I'm sure they look a lot nicer than compliance fees up the wazoo, so keep an eye out.