Thanks to everyone who joined us at our #socbizchat Tweet Jam this week. The topic was the evolution of  enterprise collaboration, and we sought to better understand what collaboration is, how it works best, how we can prepare to overcome its challenges, and learn where it's going. As always, the conversation was fun and informative, representative of the talented and experienced voices that took park. Let's take a look.

100% Organic Collaboration

Working collaboratively, definitions of collaboration began to take shape with several themes beginning to emerge. Concepts such as productivity, utility, value and shared goals were discussed, as was the idea that the best collaboration is organic and unforced.

Easy to Use, Convenient & Fun!

Much like anything that is used in the enterprise, ease of use is always appreciated. Panelists also agreed that usefulness is also necessary, for there's no point in collaborating with each another if it's not going to bring you closer to a goal. Additional elements cited included flexibility, convenience and fun!


Social & Productive

Social is as social does. Being social has been an element of collaboration for some time now, but the advent of social tools like Yammer or DropBox have definitely helped facilitate better group work in a global workforce. Many panelists noted that these social tools haven't made us more social, but have enabled us to work together more efficiently.


The Perils of People & Culture

Not surprising, people and culture topped the list of challenges standing in the way of successful enterprise collaboration. It's essential that collaboration tools be an extension of the culture in which they will live and not something forced. Additionally, user adoption is always an issue (SharePoint anyone?) so it's critical that collaboration adds value and not waste time.


Mobile, Cloud and Business Value

As much of the enterprise begins to focus more resources in mobile and in the cloud, it's only logical that enterprise collaboration will end up there, too. Many of our panelists envision a world where collaboration strategies are integrated into traditional business strategies, but don't expect it to change overnight. As compared to how things evolve in the real world, change comes at a much slower rate in the enterprise. Yet, as more leaders recognize the value that collaboration can bring, the more likely it will be adopted as an accepted practice.


Survive vs. Thrive

For some it seems obvious that collaboration in the enterprise is a must have. Without it, your demise is imminent. For others, it wasn't that you couldn't survive without collaboration, but that you wouldn't necessarily thrive. Overall, it was very clear that nary a soul would want to live, never mind work, in a world where you didn't collaborate in some way, shape or form. Collaboration is what feeds knowledge sharing and challenges us to be better than we could be by ourselves.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Tweet Jam. We had a great time and hope you did, too. We hope to see you next month! Check out the full archive for more information.