Tweet Jam Recap: The Information Overload Crisis #socbizchat
Perhaps some companies are shifting their internal collaboration strategies toward activity streams and portals, but email continues to dominate many an organization's workflow, and it's leading to information overload for many. In our latest tweet jam, which Bloomfire sponsored, we asked participants how they managed their information streams, so let's see what kind of strategies professionals are using to combat excess email.

Email Habits Going Strong

Most of our contributors seem at peace with their email usage, and most sounded resigned to continue to live with it as the most important channel. It seems some social channels are creeping in, mostly LinkedIn, but little mention of other kinds of tools.

Siloing versus Overload

Are we sometimes distracted simply because we are combing through messages looking for what we need? Or is simply finding a particular message difficult because systems aren't connected? This one isn't really either/or, but our participants did have some salient points

Email Search

Finding emails is easier than it used to be, but depending on what tools people use, it's still a problem finding some messages that don't get responded to correctly (threads), or filtered properly.

Prioritizing Content

Prioritizing email, in particular, is a task in itself, and some of our panel do use specialized tools to help with that. Outlook tools, rules based systems and stars and flags were some of the popular ones.

Worst Thing about Email

Email usage often simply comes down to culture. Some people just don't follow the same conventions, and it leads to lots of headaches.

How Social Business Tools Could Affect Email

Social business tools won't kill off email, but they could force email providers to innovate a bit more.