Vetter Promises Simple Idea Management for Businesses
What are businesses but ideas realized into something tangible? Most organizations and teams will need to build on more ideas to remain sustainable, though. Vetter, a new SaaS idea management system, promises to help teams organize data without complexities. The service is currently offering a free beta test to individual and team users.

A Better Way to Vet Ideas

The creators of Vetter believe that businesses should never tire of having new ideas. Whether these are suggestions for improvement, ideas on new products or services or simply thoughts that need to be processed, a team will need to have an organized place to collect and manage these ideas.

Vetter is a departure from most enterprise collaboration software in that it does not aim to provide features for resource allocation, task management, costing and the like. Rather, Vetter lets team members submit ideas, and the manager will get a summary of submissions on a regular basis.

Vetter Ideas-w600.jpg

Vetter lets teams submit ideas and give ratings, and provides the "boss" a summary.

For Vetter, the simpler the better. With this in mind, managers get their vetted ideas via email by default, which is one place they're likely to check, anyway. No need to keep on accessing a web service or URL you're likely to forget.

Vetter co-founder Duncan Murtagh believes that people want their idea to be sent to those who can act on it, unmodified and not built-upon. As such, Vetter provides a forum for team members to exchange and vote on each other's ideas, for easy access by decisionmakers. Likewise, noting that systems can be a burden to manage, Vetter lets its users manage ideas rather than the software.

We believe managers should spend their time managing their staff not managing a system. So Vetter is a "plug and play" system which lets the boss get back to concentrating on their work, knowing that an email full of bright ideas will arrive at the end of the week. Our killer advantage is less features rather than more."

It Gets Better With Teamwork

Vetter offers the following features. Vetter believes in simplicity, and highlights simple steps in idea-based collaboration.

  • Call for Ideas. This is an optional step, in which a manager can initiate a call for ideas, with something specific in mind. Otherwise, ideas can be submitted in a more open manner.
  • Idea submission. Users can submit ideas with a main idea and a description in their own words.
  • Idea rating. Colleagues and team members can rate each one's ideas. At this point, ideas listed are anonymous, to help make the rating more objective.
  • Weekly email. The boss gets a regular notification of ideas currently included in the system. This includes rankings and metrics.
  • Analytics. This feature lets managers see who among his team is the most active with submissions, and who gets the highest rankings.

Vetter starts with a "Startup" plan of $19.99 monthly for up to 25 users, scaling up to $39 per month for 50 users, $79 per month for 100 users, and $199 per month for up to 250 users. All plans have a one-month free trial, and include one "boss" who gets and reviews ideas submitted.