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  • Planview Snaps Up A Collaboration Firm

    Planview Snaps Up A Collaboration Firm

    Companies are increasingly turning to social business tool to supplement traditional project management and agile approaches. In response, large vendors are adding cloud-based features and communication tools to existing product suites.

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  • Vetter Promises Simple Idea Management for Businesses

    What are businesses but ideas realized into something tangible? Most organizations and teams will need to build on more ideas to remain sustainable, though. Vetter, a new SaaS idea management system, promises to help teams organize data without complexities.

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  • Secrecy Versus Openness in Communication

    Apple may make beautiful products but it resembles North Korea in how it communicates with the world. Apple is to many the poster child of the Web 2.0 generation. Yet, there are few companies that are as anti-Web 2.0 as Apple. That is if Web 2.

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  • News Publishers Say Free Content is Better

    After years of newspapers charging readers for "premium" access to content, push has now come to shove. In recent weeks there's been talk from both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal about making most or all their content free. Keeping in mind the old adage, "the best

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