Collaborating on documents has never been easy. Even if you’re working from a desktop with people in the same room there’s bound to be issues, so you can only imagine what it’s like trying to share and edit documents from a mobile device while on the go. Workshare is trying to improve this experience with a new app that aims to offer document comparison for mobile devices.

Eliminate Information Silos

Quick! How many versions of the same document are in your inbox? What about on the shared drive? Who knows how much time is wasted updating a document that wasn't the most up-to-date?

With the Workshare Mobile App, companies can streamline existing information silos, while reducing the ability to create new ones. Furthermore, they can keep better track of their users and their activity around documents. Not only can it make employees more efficient, but it can also alleviate the risk that documents will be shared across unsecure methods while using personal devices and applications.

It does this without compromising the security of documents or changing the way users access, review or edit them. By being able to integrate directly with Workshare’s secure online platform, mobile users can access a rich set of security features, including authentication, password protection, permissions, time-limited file access, SSL and AES encryption and full audit trails.

Using the Workshare Mobile App users can use the following functionality to collaborate, compare and sync their documents across the enterprise.  

  • Efficient Collaboration – users can participate in existing collaborations, create new workflows and share content while on the move.
  • Comparison on the Road – Workshare Mobile App leverages DeltaView, a patented technology that allows users to compare multiple versions of documents accurately and quickly. Designed with mobile and tablet form factors in mind, Workshare Mobile App lets users see what’s new and have meaningful and detailed collaborations.
  • Automatic Syncing – Workshare files and folders are instantly available on any iOS device and, when online, always up-to-date with the latest comments and changes made by fellow collaborators.

Workshare Mobile App - iPad Showing Compare.png
Workshare Mobile App - iPhone.png

Workshare allows users to compare multiple versions of documents accurately and quickly while on the move. The Workshare Mobile App is currently available for iOS devices and will be launched for Android later this year.

Be As Productive As You Ever Were (or More!)

As more companies begin to break down silos and celebrate the merits of collaborative workspaces, collaborating on documents is more commonplace. It also helps that the enterprise is more mobile than ever before and employees expect to be able to collaborate and share documents in real time.

Thanks to Workshare, employees can work just as efficiently from their mobile devices as they would sitting at their desks.