Wrike Debuts Live, an Activity Stream with Real-Time Collaborative Text Editor
Project management system Wrike has debuted a new collaborative editing platform called Wrike Live. The new platform offers real-time shared editing of documents and tasks to keep teams on task and in the loop, so to speak. Here's what you need to know.

Modern Tools for Teams Large + Small

Online collaboration tools are key to a business's success, and one of the best features of Wrike Live is how well it syncs up with email. Wrike Live can turn emails into project timelines (illustrated in a Gantt chart format). Email a task to someone and cc it to [email protected] -- the task will automatically be added to the project plan and displayed in chart format. It's a nice visualization that is easy to understand and process.


Wrike's Dynamic Timeline feature is a handy tool for managing tasks.

Wrike Live features a simultaneous co-authoring tool for teams working together on any project. There's no saving, no refreshing and all participants see updates as they happen. That goes for document collaboration as well as tasks and projects, something Wrike says is a first in market feature.

Furthermore, Wrike debuted its Activity Stream that displays a three-pane view to navigate between a live overview of project updates, details of a task and a project's structure. In this shared workspace, people can share files and images, discuss work and see each others' actions. The Wrike team likens it to feeling the pulse of a project.


Activity Stream shows an overview of a project and all the updates needed to stay on top of things.

Don't Forget the Cloud

There's a 30-day free trial of Wrike available, and the full release package for teams of 50 or more is US$ 200 per month. That allows for unlimited projects and collaborators and 100 gigabytes of storage. From there, prices range down to US$ 50 per month for up to 5 users.

Additionally, Wrike is available as a Google App for syncing even more workflow items. We posted a video below to demonstrate the real time updates of Wrike Live. There's no audio, so don't be surprised when you press play and it's silent.

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