Online project management software provider, Wrike has announced a new feature for its Live Editor that allows users to track document changes as they happen.

An Update Tracker

Despite most document and task management activities now being done in a digital format, businesses still have a large influx of documents to sift through which can lead to changes not being noticed. With this update to the Live Editor, Wrike helps with version control to improve how well these changes are monitored.

With this new feature, users automatically see any changes that are made to Live Editor documents if they are online and can see document update notifications when offline. The update also lets users see by whom and when the changes are made.


When Wrike was conceived, we started on a journey to make working together online as efficient as possible, and as part of it, step-by-step we built one of the best collaborative document editing experiences,” said Andrew Filev, Wrike’s founder and CEO. "With the new Wrike release, it's so much better and easier. You have the Live Editor, but at the same time, you can clearly see who changed what and when.”

Wrike also says this tracking tool can be used to enhance and add to the user experience of other Live Editor tools, such as the Gantt Charts, activity streams and mobile push notifications. Therefore, the company wants to give its clientele a more complete document collaboration and file sharing experience. 

Wrike: In Brief

Founded in 2007, Wrike aims to give companies the tools they need to be an effective, productive and successful business in a real-time capacity.

In addition to the Live Editor, which was released last year, the company also offers Android and iOS apps and tools such as Dynamic Timeline which automatically turns emails in to Gantt Charts.