Yammer is now officially part of Microsoft's Office Division, and the enterprise social network has released a major new update to the homepage and navigation features.

Taken together, the Yammer Summer Release is huge, and features like Inbox and access for iOS and Android are good reminders of how fast the social business space can change.

Inbox, Mobile and Search

Inbox is the main new feature, and it organizes activity and conversations for easier prioritizing. It's a fitting name because it basically mimics an email interface with unread messages, filtering and a handy search option for finding relevant information.


Use the Inbox feature to organized messages and track conversations.

A searchable inbox and mobile availability are nice features, and Inbox includes both. Additionally, Inbox can be used to send and reply to private messages, group announcements and at-mentions all from one place.

Yammer has also added a presence indicator called Online Now. It's easy to see who's available on the network at any given time, and a quick way to help decide whether to jump into a task/project or whether to move on until the needed person is ready to go. 


Online Now looks like an old friend down there. Once glance shows who's on and who's busy.

Homepage and Navigation Updates

Yammer's Homepage now features trending files, company resources and pinned announcements. Easily follow the most shared items with trending files, keep pinned announcements at the top of the page when unread, and follow offical content like benefits and HR rules with company resources. 

Navigation wise, there's easier integration with third-party apps and a new Files Directory to quickly grab files and Pages. For Premium networks, top navigation can be customized to match company colors and designs. New features are being rolled out piecemeal so the company can gauge feedback, so some features will already be showing up for some. 


Navigation changes include an expanded menu for easily discovering new Groups.

New Integrations Announced

Yammer also announced eight new partner integrations. Some highlights are:

  • FuzeBox  For online meetings and conferences, use FuzeBox and Yammer to update Ticker when an employee schedules, starts, joins, ends or publishes a meeting.

  • Mindjet  Share Mindjet task updates into Ticker and follow the task link back to existing collaboration projects

  • Get Satisfaction  Push new Get Satisfaction Questions, Ideas, Problems or Praise, and topic replies, directly to Yammer's Ticker. Great for interacting with customers right from Yammer.