BOSTON -- Microsoft believes Yammer is good for its SharePoint health. Yammer chats are now synced with OneDrive and SharePoint files.

Just how good? So good, it envisions it being basically part of its fabric versus just an enterprise collaboration software platform.

Yammer seems to be all the rage -- or at least a very good part of it -- at the SharePoint Technology Conference at the Boston Park Plaza hotel here this week.

"Yammer is going to be transformed," Jill Hannemann of Rockville, MD-based Portal Solutions predicted in her morning session on social and SharePoint Wednesday. "It may not even be called Yammer" and may just be the connectivity tool that will be the thread throughout all of the different products in Office 365.

Yammer Fan: Adoption's Quick


Hannemann's organization uses Yammer — and likes it. "Social isn't really getting adopted in SharePoint," she told CMSWire, "and a lot of it has to do with the users' expectation of what the technology should do."

Enter Yammer.

Is it better for collaboration than SharePoint MySites, which aggregates only to your personal site in SharePoint?

Some aren't convinced that Yammer can be a panacea for an organization. It, and other social platforms like it, go unused, they say.

However, Hannemann said, Yammer adoption is very quick. She did point  out  that users can expect a "generational divide" during  the  adoption process in Yammer.

"The younger generation who are familiar with that type of technology and  don't  have the legacy kind of siloed culture of  organizations  from the 90s -- they're going to be a lot more open to sharing and adopting,"  she said.

"The older generations are still going to be a lot more tentative. So the best way to curb that adoption is to make it business centric. We  share  our 'resourcing' material on Yammer. It's very business focused and something we all have to do and all have to pay attention to. We're not sharing anything we wouldn't have shared in email."

'Fabric Across Everything'

Jeremy Thake, technical product manager for Microsoft and the Wednesday-morning keynote, told CMSWire that adding Yammer comments into Word is only the beginning. 

Microsoft acquired Yammer after it added the newsfeed capacity in SharePoint.  He described the word social as "overloaded," but added that Microsoft has a clear vision of where it sees Yammer in its long-term roadmap.

"We really want to make Yammer the fabric across everything," Thake said. "The Word document conversations are the first instance of that, which works in Word online. And as we move forward, Yammer will get to be that fabric across everything we do. Delve is only showing stuff it indexes inside SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Once it indexes in Yammer, that's a huge opportunity."

Microsoft, he added, will get to the point where perhaps users won't even think of the platform as "Yammer," but "just as being part of the suite."