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In its first Mobile Device Management Cloud Report (4Q 2011), Zenprise learned that a majority of ZenCloud devices were using iOS and that many companies were struggling to implement mobile security policies. In their most recent survey, Zenprise found that more organizations are taking proactive and innovative approaches to their mobile strategies, while others are investing in mobile business initiatives.

Companies Get Serious About Mobile Security, Development

The new survey  found that nearly 75 percent of organizations will deploy line-of-business mobile apps and that over 50 percent will deploy “mission-critical” mobile apps. What does this mean for the future of mobile device management?

It seems to indicate that organizations are addressing mobility as a security liability by developing their own proprietary mobile apps, which can allow them both the flexibility to create productivity workflows and the security needed to keep sensitive information protected.

Learning Opportunities

Zenprise Survey Shows Organizations Getting Series About Mobile Business Initiatives

This focus on line-of-business mobile apps has also affected how companies create them. Companies are moving away from third-party apps in favor of ones that are custom-built for their needs. More than 80 percent of organizations plan to deploy custom apps in the next 12 months, while 40 percent will utilize a third-party to develop apps on their behalf.

Will this custom app development make companies more secure? A majority of organization indicated that security is the most important app capability with 79 percent citing data security and secure access as the mobile capabilities that give respondents the most comfort in developing mobile apps. Only time will tell if these mobile business initiatives will keep information secure.

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