There's another Lucene (or should I say Lucene-ish) port on the street. KinoSearch has been emerging for a while, courtesy of Marvin Humphrey's energetic and astute elbow grease. KinoSearch is written in Perl, just like Plucene is. So why go Kino instead of Plucene? I would do it just because I like this insane picture of Marvin. But Marvin himself gives a more reasonable justification when he recently put it something like this: If the guys currently behind Plucene had as much time as I have had to tinker and develop, Plucene would be just as great. Marvin makes a fair point. Plucene is not that active these days. Both options are probably viable considerations for those looking for full-text search in a Perl env. However, Kino is clearly evolving quickly and a bit more up to date. If you're considering KinoSearch, O'Reilly's OnLamp review will come in handy: CPAN Module Review: KinoSearch.