All the twists, turns and tips you need for staying up-to-date by the water cooler. This week's highlights include: * Web 2.0 Adaptation Ain't Easy, Says CMS Watch. Like most popular and pretty things, Web 2.0 is tough to tie down and high-maintenance even after you've tied the knot. * Microsoft and Google Jump OpenAjax Boat. How do you know when a trend becomes war? When Microsoft and Google leap into the game. * Nuxeo Receives Honor from Red Herring. What do you say when a red herring tells you that you're among the top 100 companies leading technology's future? * 37signals Launches Highrise CRM, Big Deal? Next time somebody hypes Highrise CRM, you can scoff and divulge your educated long-term view. * OASIS Symposium 2007 Alights on San Diego in April. Half-day OpenDoc workshop + seminars on e-governing = the perfect excuse to come out and enjoy California sunshine. And these are the articles you couldn't get enough of (if unique visits are anything to go by, anyway). Web 2.0 remains an obsession, and who can ever get enough of AJAX? * Lastest Drupal v5 CMS Performance is Compelling * Alfresco Updates Open Source ECM * Ektron Goes Wiki'ing and Web 2.0 Too * AJAX for ASP.NET * SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 Pricing Released