The ab fab Web 2.0 JavaScript library has just been rev'ed to v1.6.5. It's a maintenance release, but one that adds some cool new features for all you JS kiddies out there.Changes with this release include: * Update to Prototype 1.5.0_rc1 revision * Support the HTML "for" attribute in Builder by using "htmlFor" * Adds support to run a specific failing unit test by clicking on the corresponding test result * Adds modifier key support to Event.simulateMouse * Adds new "with-last" queue position option to queue effects to occur in parallel with the last effect to start in the queue * Adds new special core effect Effect.Event for one-shot events that follow timelines defined by effect queues * Fixes an possible crash of IE on Effect.SlideUp * Adds to create nodes from strings containing HTML * Adds a pulses parameter to Effect.Pulsate to control the amount of pulses * Fixes an issue with clicking on a slider span resulting in an exception * Fixes an issue with Draggables when no options are supplied This should be the last release before Ruby on Rails 1.2 comes out. The next big thing will be 1.7. Lots of good and cool patches are waiting for their addition, and should make it into the 1.7 release. Download v1.6.5 now.