For those of you who found Microsoft's C# programming language to be a God-send, its time to prepare for additional pleasurable experiences.
Microsoft is preparing the next version of Visual Studio, code-named and well know as "Whidbey". Whidbey, difficult to pronounce as it may be, has been significantly improved for C# developers by adding innovative language constructs, new compiler features, dramatically enhanced developer productivity, and an improved debugging experience. Of particular note here are the developer productivity enhancements. These include:
  • Refactoring Support (e.g., global renaming)
  • Expansions or "code-snippets"
  • Enhanced IntelliSense (dramatically reducing keystrokes per code block)
  • Find now searches collapsed text (brilliant!)
  • Visual change tracking between saved and unsaved code
  • Design time expression evaluation in the "Immediate" window (my favorite)
My apologies if I'm getting a little nerdy here today, but I personally believe that Microsoft have revolutionized web development with ASP.NET and by the look of things Microsoft, the state of the MS nerd union is only getting better. Fellow geeks may read more.