Visual Literacy
Visual Literacy, an e-learning organization that builds "visual literacy" for business, communication and engineering students, has just released the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. The table gives designers a framework for what kind of visual models are available to them. In toto, it includes the following visual elements: * Concept visualization - means to elaborate (mostly) qualitative concepts * Strategy visualization - using of complimentary visual representations in the analysis, development, formulation, communication, and implementation of strategies * Data visualization, or representing quantitative data in visual form * Information visualization -using interactive visual representations of data to amplify cognition * Metaphor visualization - positioning information geographically for organization and structure * Compound visualization - various graphic representation formats used in tangent The Table of Visualization Methods is a resource that comes at a moment most timely considering the number of contemporary visual temptations that, in execution, promise to sate excess-laden Web 2.0 appetites. (Consider candy-cute sites like Twitter.) But hey. When CMS Watch said Web 2.0 adaptation ain't easy, they weren't just talking functionality. The look and feel of a site's front-end is an online enterprise's subtlest sales tool. Content is really only one part of a successful enterprise equation; the strategic selection of colour and placement of features can often convey enough in feeling that you can pull your content builders off the elusive manifesto train and set them onto something more critical, like blogging. Visual Literacy provides online tutorials that teach students how to evaluate different forms of visual representation and use appearance to communicate knowledge and insights. Students learn both in assessing, then building their own visual material. Thanks Content Wrangler for sharing the knowledge on the Visualization Table. If you're feeling sufficiently seduced by surface elements, check out a Visual Literacy online tutorial demo.