The skies have cleared this week, as one pesky lava-and-ash-spitting seismic structure started shifting towards a more dormant state (also reviving many airline websites -- previously suffering from 500 “server too busy” errors).

Still, many Europeans couldn’t make it to #AIIM2010, where the CMIS demo took place (among many other interesting developments). Check it out if you haven’t already. My poke-around enriched my resume with a new skill -- the CMIS demo crasher. And while we’re on the CMIS track, let’s note that less than a week is left until voting for CMIS v1.0 as an official OASIS standard comes to end.

On the opposite coast from AIIM, Drupalistas from around the world gathered in the flesh. Some of the European, volcano-ash-stranded Drupal devotees were brought in via online conferencing tools like Skype. CMSWire’s Dee-Ann LeBlanc came from her Canadian homeland to cover DrupalCon on the ground.

And in other news in the universe of content technologies:

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