Today, as we predicted, CMIS has been officially ratified as an OASIS standard, tweets Nuxeo's Florent Guillaume. According to Albert Brown of IBM, CMIS has more votes than all the previous ballots available (74 votes). The closest was 70 votes. Most were in the 50-ish range. We are expecting to hear an official "yes" from OASIS very early next week.

If you own any shares of one of CMIS contributors, Open Text, consider that several financial analysts downgraded their recommendations from "neutral" to "sell" following the considerable Q3 miss in revenue that was announced on Thursday. More on OTEX's Q3 financial results next week.

But Uncle G probably knew about this all along. Did you know Google can read your mind and know what you are thinking? Independent computer security researcher Moxie Marlinspike seems to believe so. Some might consider Marlinspike's privacy paranoia a bit cheeky. In any case, privacy remains a discussion worth having.

Next week, I'll see you at the JBoye conference in Philadelphia -- stop by and say "hi."

And in other news in the universe of content technologies:

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