A new feature commeth from CMSWire. It’s our Weekly News Trawl, and the idea is to ensure that we are all up to date on smaller -- but just as important -- news items that touch our cozy little industry. The collection is gathered by our multi-talented editorial team whose interests vary as widely their basic grammar skills.

Enterprise CMS

Softura Inc. joins Clearview Partner Program Clearview is a provider of SharePoint Solutions. Their newest partner Michigan-based Softura, Inc. will be using Clearview’s ECM suite to embed content and document management capabilities into the SAP Business One Application Suite.


OmniUpdate Partners With Hobsons EMT to Social Media Solutions to Its Web Content Management Software Line This is a reseller partnership that will see Hobson’s EMT Instant Chat and Social Networking Solutions to OmniUpdate’s product line.

Enterprise 2.0/Web 2.0

Zoho Updates Zoho Writer Zoho Writer is now supporting exporting documents to the Microsoft Office 2007 DocX format. They are also working on the ability to import this extension as well. They’ve also added a Thesaurus option (in 10 languages), with plans to enhance its capabilities in future updates. Finally you can share documents with groups using the “Share with Groups” tab. Server news: servers to ship with built-in VMware Good news for all you VMware users. All the big server vendors are either starting or preparing to start shipping their machines with built-in support for VMware virtualization software. Fujitsu-Siemens is shipping now and Dell, HP and IBM will be following suit in the next couple of months. Server Admins rejoice!

Enterprise Search

Gilbane new report "Beyond Search: What to do When Your Enterprise Search System Doesn't Work" A new 250 page report from the Gilbane Group that covers the beyond search vendor map will run you about USD $895 for a 10 user workgroup license. Available in April 2008, order early for a discount.

Content Publishing

Quark Launches Dynamic Publishing Solution Quark is best known for it’s desktop publishing solutions. This new solution will integrate with content management and other business systems to provide a “flexible layout with automated publishing” for multiple types of media such as print web, mobile and electronic devices. Always interested in your thoughts and comments, let us know if this new feature benefits your early morning reading schedule.