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Highlights of the Week

  • Optimizing Your Website for Microsoft Bing. As with any buzz in the online world, many marketing blogs, including Forrester, have begun to postulate what effect Bing will have on SEO, even before it officially launched.
  • SharePoint 2007 Content Migration, A Case Study. Migrating existing content into a SharePoint system, and specifically into a SharePoint Page Library — the foundation of a SharePoint Publishing website — is neither simple nor straightforward.
  • Action Jackson Semantic Micro-blogging for the Enterprise. Akibot, a tiny new start up with a big goal, aims to combine artificial intelligence with microblogging. It’s as Akibot founder and developer Marcelo Pham says, "a very tiny step towards the machine reading our minds."
  • MODx Evolution 1.0 Finally Sees Light. It's been a long time coming, but after all the talk over the past few months the latest version of MODx 1.0, or at least the latest version of MODx Evolution 1.0, open source web content management system, is here.
  • Web CMS Vendor Ektron Finds Its Way to the Magic Quadrant. Ektron found its sweet spot as one of the Visionaries in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. We've seen Ektron on other "lists" before, including Gartner's MarketScope. And now, hello, the Magic Quadrant.
  • SDL Reports Strong Interim 1H 2009 Financial Results. With all the aplomb of a wet Monday in November, SDL (which refers to itself in a recent press release as the ominous sounding “The Group”) announced quite casually this week that it has made lots of money in the first half of this year.
  • Twitter Killed the Journalism Star? Nah. For many, Twitter is like an uncontrollable giant, taking over things we never gave it permission to take over. Like our minds. Or journalism.

Most Popular Articles

And these are the articles you couldn't get enough of during the past week -- if page views are anything to go by, anyways. So, what was your fancy? Google and Microsoft Waves, SharePoint 2010, Drupal and the next generation of CMS.

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