Autonomy Interwoven Takes a Bite at SaaS CMS and Landing Page Optimization

Imagine a combination of SaaS CMS, Web analytics, A/B and MVT testing, and optimization of landing pages -- sounds like a novel idea? Hardly.

Although every vendor wants to make us believe they are the first ever to step on the surface of the hosted Web CMS/analytics Moon, we know that others have approached this endearing to marketers subject before.

Nevertheless, here’s Autonomy’s (news, site) announcement about a new product designed to enamor marketers and allow them to build and test website landing pages in a hosted environment. The Autonomy Optimized Landing Page offering comes hot on the heels of Webtrends’ newest version 9 release. It sure is a hot summer for the web analytics industry.

Autonomy’s Landing Page Optimizer

Expanding on its existing cloud initiatives, Autonomy Interwoven takes another bite at the pie that integrates online testing and web content management. In April of this year, Autonomy Interwoven announced its first attempt at combining online testing capabilities with web content management.

The Autonomy Optimized Landing Page product allows users to get the best of both worlds in one interface: web content management and multivariate testing (MVT). This combination of technology is usually used to optimize campaigns (pages) after they’re created. The goal here is simple, yet often hard to reach – lead conversion.

Some of the features include:

  • Graphical drag-and-drop WYSIWYG authoring interface
  • Re-usable landing page templates
  • Re-usable page building blocks for campaign pages
  • Registration pages
  • Confirmation pages
  • Ability to create A/B and multivariable tests
  • SEO optimization

The Autonomy Optimized Landing Page package leverages Autonomy TeamSite and LiveSite, Autonomy Optimost and web analytics products.

Anyone Else in the Cloud?

When looking at this specific combination of hosted Web CMS and landing page optimization with web analytics, make sure to also check out the SaaS Web CMS provider CrownPeak and its version of this combo, which was released in April.

CrownPeak Landing Page Manager was released at the same time as the upgraded analytics suite and is designed specifically for lead management and conversion optimization. The tool can display web metrics around conversion numbers on various landing pages you may have on your website, while also offering some testing functionality.

While Autonomy Interwoven and CrownPeak may cater to different audiences in the trendy SaaS CMS space, it’s worth checking out both, if you’re on the market for landing page optimizers.