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Highlights of the Week

  • LinkedIn Beats Facebook In the Enterprise. When it comes to enterprise collaboration and social software, LinkedIn rules the roost, according to a CMS Watch report.
  • Searches That Try Scientists' Souls. Click over to your preferred search engine and type “global warming,” hit enter and wait for the faint tang of smoke curling up from your processor.
  • Web Design: The $300 Million Button. It's hard to imagine a form that could be simpler: two fields, two buttons, and one link. Yet, it turns out this form was preventing customers from purchasing products from a major e-commerce site, to the tune of $300,000,000 a year.
  • RSS Comes To Chrome At Last. Because of popular demand, you can now even employ them in order to manage two new ways to work with RSS feeds.
  • Webinars: Twitter, SaaS, Web CMS, Wikis and MOSS They are flying through our inboxes as fast as hamburgers get flipped at MacDonald's. So we thought we better bring a few to your attention so we can read the rest of our email.

Most Popular Articles

And these are the articles you couldn't get enough of during the past week -- if page views are anything to go by, anyways. So, what was your fancy? Interwoven, Vignette, Alfresco and a New Administration of Knowledge Management.

  • Interwoven Layoffs: About 70 Positions to be Cut To reduce costs, the company plans to eliminate approximately 70 positions across all functions and cut down on using contractors and consultants.
  • The Search is Over: Autonomy Acquires Interwoven. Well, didn't really see that one coming, did you? The Wall Street Journal has reported today that Autonomy, one of the leading search providers, has bought Interwoven for US$ 775 million.
  • Alfresco Releases Web Studio with Alfresco Labs 3d. With this release comes Alfresco's first solution for the presentation tier of website development - the new Web Studio.
  • Who's Working on Vignette 7.6 After the Layoffs? Vignette is proud to announce a new version of its content management suite. Unfortunately, there are fewer people available to support it than there were before Christmas.
  • Will Interwoven Leave the Web CMS Market? Big new yesterday -- the acquisition of Enterprise Content Management provider Interwoven by Autonomy. A surprise to many, not so much because Interwoven was snapped up, but more because it was Autonomy that did it.
  • A New Administration of Knowledge Management. U.S. President Obama faces many challenges as he enters the executive office. His new administration is set to tackle the economy and many in the document management industry are looking to them for signs of increased regulation when it comes to records management and retention.

The Economy is in the Dumps but Content Management is Booming

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