They are flying through our inboxes as fast as hamburgers get flipped at MacDonald's. So we thought we better bring a few to your attention so we can read the rest of our email. The list of webinars that follows run the gamut of application development with Alfresco and IDV Solutions to content management with SharePoint and SaaS to Social Media Marketing - there's even a Twitter one for all your Twitter junkies.

Content Management

Using SharePoint for Your Website
Vendor: SiteCore
Description: Interesting to see another ECM vendor hold a webinar on using SharePoint, but here it is. Led by Darren Guarnaccia, an industry expert, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using SharePoint for your website. This session covers SharePoint web publishing and also provides some insights on the integration of SiteCore and SharePoint should you want to go in that direction.
Date: January 22, 2009 2-3 PM EST

Build the Business Case for SaaS CMS
Vendor: Clickability
Description: Clickability brings you Mary Laplante and Senior Analyst Bill Trippe of the Gilbane Group to talk about how SaaS based solutions will save you money and transform your business. They'll talk about how open source costs more than SaaS (a discussion we would be interested in hearing) and how SaaS can help improve productivity, cut costs and "make you a hero".
Date: January 27, 2009 2-3PM EST

Social Media

The Recession-Ready Wiki - Surviving the Economic Storm through Sales Collaboration and Knowledge Management
Vendor: eTouch
Description: It's a long title for a webinar, but nonetheless, if you want to weather the economic storm, maybe a wiki is in your plans. Alex Jefferies, senior research associate at Aberdeen Group will hold an interactive session on how Enterprise 2.0 collaboration and knowledge management tools can help in the sales process.Key findings from two reports will be discussed. You will also get an overview of the SamePage wiki solution (like you didn't know that would happen).
Date: January 21, 2009 2-3PM EST

Social Media Marketing: Best Practice Communities
Vendor: Awareness
Description: Chris Brogan, Paul Gillin are going to give you 8 best practices for social media marketing. They'll also tell you why your social media marketing needs to be aligned with your other marketing initiatives and your business objectives. If you need more convincing on the value of social media marketing, who better than Chris Brogan to provide it to you?
Date: January 28th at 2:00 P.M. EST

Advanced Twitter for Business: Conversation, Community, and Profit--140 Characters at a Time
Vendor: O'Reilly Media
Description: All good webinars do not come for free unfortunately, but if you are one of the millions who use Twitter and want to know how to use it better, then you may want to shell out the US$ 99 for this one. Led by the 21st twitter user Sarah Milstein, you will learn how to leverage Twitter to build your business, do research, find new employees and get the dirt on the competition.
Date: February 6 at 1pm EST

Application Development

Empowering Business Users: Building Visual Composite Apps on Demand
Vendor: ZapThink, IDV Solutions
Description: Ronald Schmelzer, Senior Analyst at ZapThink and Scott Caulk, IDV Solutions' Product Manager will talk about the benefits of SOA and developing composite business applications. You will also get a look at IDV Solutions' Visual Fusion software, including how it leverages SharePoint to create Web 2.0 composite applications and mashups.
Date: January 28, 2009 1-2PM EST

Alfresco Code Camps
Vendor: Alfresco
Description: We've told you about the Alfresco Code Camps before, informal one-day technical deep dives into the world of Alfresco 3's Surf framework. Maybe you'll get to play with the new Web Studio while you are there.
Date: London - January 30 and Chicago February 3


As always, if you have a webinar you think would be of interest to our audience, drop us a line via email or twitter.